Factory Cleaning Services

At Clean Response we understand that cleaning is not your core business, so our team takes on all the dirty jobs. Cleaning is our business. We set up our family business to fill a gap in the market that was not being cared for and we felt that it was time that we helped. Brisbane business needs a reliable cleaning solution to get the job done without the fuss. Clean Response provides Brisbane business with a comprehensive range of cleaning services that can be tailored to fit your business needs. Whatever kind of business requires the cleaning; we have the solution in place.

Factory Cleaning Services

  • Factory Cleaning Services for Warehouses
  • Factory Cleaning Services for Store Rooms
  • Factory Cleaning Services for Storage Locations
  • Special Factory Cleaning Services

We are a family company and it is our policy to look after our staff while our staff looks after our customers. We do this by:

  • Tailoring the cleaning package to meet the customers’ needs
  • Matching the cleaner to appropriate jobs by time and location
  • Training staff in general cleaning techniques and procedures and in the particular needs of each client
  • Involving staff in continuous improvement within the company
  • Encouraging customer comments
  • Dealing with issues as they arise

Our staff

  • We recruit people who are responsible and take pride in their work. Because we train and carefully match the cleaner to the job, our cleaners take responsibility for the cleanliness and appearance of the place they clean.
  • Our cleaners are also involved in our continuous improvement process so that the best practice is always striven for. This results in a high level of job satisfaction and positive customer feedback.

Our guarantee to you

  • We shall listen to what you want and tailor a package to suit your cleaning needs.
  • We shall properly train the people who are doing your cleaning so that you get a quality job done.
  • We shall treat you, the client, with respect and consideration and we shall do the same for our cleaners.
  • If you are not totally satisfied let us know and we that we can put things right.

Environmental policy
We know that strong chemicals are bad for the environment, the waterways and our own health. Regular cleaning with a minimum of cleaning products is much better than using strong chemicals to remove accumulated dirt. In most cases we are able to clean with plain water, or water with a mild detergent in it. We always use the mildest form of cleaner first. Sometimes we use a small amount of an abrasive cream cleanser or a stronger detergent. For specialised jobs we shall use the minimum amount and least toxic cleaner that is able to do the job. We are constantly trying new techniques and aiming to be completely green in the near future.

Safety policy
At all times the safety of our staff, clients and the public is of paramount importance. We train our staff to take all necessary safety precautions and never encourage anyone to take a risk to achieve an outcome. We would far rather the job were postponed and done safely than rushed with a risk of accident or injury.

Why Clean Response?
We care about quality and cleanliness and we believe in a fair price for the job. You will find that we listen and take responsibility for our work. You get a good job done for a fair price and we get high job satisfaction, so everyone benefits.

Cleaning Locations
We service the Brisbane area as far as the Gold and Sunshine Coasts and west to Ipswich. We shall match a local cleaner to your cleaning job so contact us today.